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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Nov 3, 2021

1. Chris Hannah discusses Duplicate Keys Icaro (2:30-45:15)

2. Sulynn Hago discusses Tertium Non Datur (45:30-1:10:00)

3. Sulynn Hago discusses The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist (1:10:20-1:39:30)

4. David Guilllas discusses Cut Into the Earth (1:39:40-2:06:20)

5. Todd and Kent Kowalski discuss Dark Matters (2:06:20-3:05:40)

6. David Guillas discusses Woe Is Me/Utter Crap Song (3:05:40-3:19:00)

7. Sulynn Hago discusses Purina Hall of Fame (3:19:00-3:44:00)

8. Jord Samolesky discusses The Fucking Rich Fuck the Poor, Beyond, and Wishing (3:44:20-5:02:30)

9. David Guillas Discusses Refusing To Be A Man (5:02:34-5:22:20)

10. David Guillas discusses guitar building and Strange Earth Guitars (5:22:20-6:28:20)

11. Chris Hannah discusses True, Gamble, and What Price Would You Pay? (6:28:20-7:37:15) 

12. Sulynn Hago discusses Night Letters (7:37:15-7:55:00)