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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Sep 23, 2021

Track 13 from Less Talk, More Rock. 

Introduction: 00:00-10:04

Nina Crawford plays "Gamble": 10:04-13:00

Damian Abraham (Fucked Up/Turned Out A Punk) interview: 17:00-1:02:00

Aaron Scott (Attica! Attica!) cover and interview: 1:06:30-1:23:18

Michael Sileno (Night Sweats) cover and interview: 1:28:08-2:11:00

Keith and...

Sep 15, 2021

Introduction: 00:00-15:30

Cover by Jeffrey Owens: 15:34-16:27

Jeffrey Owens (Goya/Secret Iris) interview: 16:27-49:57

Keith and Greg song chat: 50:00-END

Sep 8, 2021

Introduction: 00:00-15:45

Jazz Cover: 15:45-19:30

Andy Treister Interview: 19:30-47:11

Keith and Greg song discussion Part 1: 47:20-1:06:20

Lyndon Nygaard Red Deer Alberta Chat: 1:06:30-1:27:22

Keith and Greg song discussion Part 2: 1:27:49-END

Anti-Lam Front Cover: 2:06:10-2:08:20

Sep 1, 2021

Introduction: 00:00-11:00

Chris Hannah interview: 11:30-1:20:30

Keith and Greg: 1:21:00-END

Thanks, Chris!