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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Jan 29, 2022

Introduction: 00:00-12:00

Todd Kowalski interview: 12:00-1:22:03

Keith and Greg: 1:24:15-END

Jan 12, 2022

Introduction: 0:00-13:30

Parker Molloy interview: 13:40-45:15

Night Letters cover by Steven I: 46:49-50:30

David "Beave" Guillas interview: 54:50-1:11:25

Sulynn Hago interview: 1:14:10-1:30:10

Keith and Greg: 1:33:07-END


Jan 8, 2022

David Tkach played bass in the Winnipeg instrumental trio, Giant Sons, with Robbie Richardson and David Guillas. They wrote "Repairing the Damaged Beard," which went on to be adapted as Propagandhi's "Tertium Non Datur." Tkach currently plays in Fulfilment and Zeta II Reticuli. 

Listen to "Repairing the Damaged Beard,"...

Jan 2, 2022

Josh Robbins Cover: 3:44-5:51

Huck Ricardo Cover: 20:18-22:58

Eric Emmons Cover: 47:15-50:44

Guest host on this episode is Scott Robertson. You can visit Scott on Instagram at: