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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Dec 30, 2023

Introduction- 00:00-34:00

Josh Robbins cover: 34:00-37:00

Hoss Bossman cover: 37:00-40:30

Michael Walmsley cover: 40:30-43:30

Dr. Shane Singh interview: 47:40-1:43:40

Hoss Bossman interview: 1:46:00-2:30:40

Greg & Steve: 2:31:10-3:16:03

Ryan O'Nan interview: 3:18:45-END

Cover clips between 3:12:00-3:13:40 by Explain,...

Dec 28, 2023

Pat Dietrich plays drums and sings with Handheld and sings and plays guitar in Curbside.

Listen to Handheld:

Listen to Curbside:

Dec 22, 2023

Griffin Coyne plays guitar in the Buffalo hardcore band Selfish Act and the Buffalo punk band G.O.A. On this episode, we discuss the Buffalo scene, Dear Coach's Corner, Without Love, and Devil's Creek. 

Selfish Act:


Dec 13, 2023

Zack of Del Paxton joins me to discuss Del Paxton's history, their record "Auto Locator," and his love of Duplicate Keys Icaro, Note to Self, and Things I Like from Failed States.

Listen to Del Paxton:

Follow Del Paxton:


Dec 1, 2023

Fred van Schie is the marketing manager for Etnies Footwear. 

Introduction: 00:00-28:32

I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist: 28:32-42:26

Resisting Tyrannical Government: 42:40-51:46

A Speculative Fiction: 51:46-1:05:00

Failed Imagineer: 1:05:00-END