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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Jan 29, 2023

Fredrik Granberg plays drums for Randy. Randy has released albums on G7 Welcoming Committee, Ampersand, Burning Heart, Epitaph, and Fat Wreck Chords. 

Randy song clips in the episode include: At Any Cost, Little Toulouse, Cheater, You Are What You Fight For

Jan 13, 2023


Intro: 00:00-1:40 (Propagandhi, live in Winnipeg, Oct 9, 2021)

Greg Intro: 1:32-3:30

Chris Navarrete and Friends cover: 3:30-6:15

Chris Navarrete interview: 6:15-37:48

Propagandhi live in London, ON, May 2022: 37:30-38:40

Watch Chris Navarrete and friends perform Back to the Motor League: