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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Mar 31, 2023

Uli Sailor is a multi-instrumentalist who was the vocalist for D-Sailors and currently performs under his own name on piano. 

Punk Rock Piano EP:

YouTube channel:

The Weakerthans "live in Berlin" video:

Mar 24, 2023

Stand Up! Even my mom!

Mar 17, 2023

Introduction: 00:00-18:50

Shai Hulud's Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette: 18:50-21:54

Matt Fox (Shai Hulud) interview: 21:55-58:20

Steve & Greg: 59:00-END

Acoustic Cover by Dennis Baumann:

Mar 11, 2023

Introduction: 00:00-3:00

David Guillas on "Night Letters": 3:00-22:00

Todd Kowalski on I SPY and "Fuck the Border": 22:00-1:33:00

Chris Hannah on "A Catastrophic Break With Consensus Reality": 1:33:00-2:48:00

Sulynn Hago on "Without Love": 2:48:00-END

Mar 5, 2023

Brandon Salter's "The Prairies of Manitoba: 4:00-6:00

Brandon Salter interview: 6:00-37:20

Freaking Snap's "The Prairies of Manitoba: 37:20-END