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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Jun 30, 2021

Contest Song is track 11 from the Where Quantity is Job 1 compilation on G7 Welcoming Committee Records. 

Matt Milkowski:

Willems Heijmans:

Lyrics to "Common Threads"

Common Threads

The sediment dissolved,

the thread between us all.

A parting gift invisible hence incapable of 

filling up the limitless bounds,

a token of appreciation

in every cubic foot of sea and sound.

A suite of ocean beasts 

born in hot embrace of molten molds,

personified in polymer for budding hands to hold.

Then ritually shed, replaced to keep the pace,

the perspiration of generations' 

treasures turned to waste.

Return again,

a billions shreds,

manifest in every nook,

destined till the end.

Tangled in a web, every fuckin cent, 

spent upon the endless stream of trinkets 

we think is just common sense.  

But entangled consequence, simultaneous, 

dropped into the bottom and forgotten

for someone else to digest.

Return again,

a billion shreds,

a communion

for our common friends.