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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Dec 18, 2021

Introduction: 00:00-5:34

Greg with Bob Van Valin: 5:40-1:40:00

Greg with Jon Grubb: 1:42:00-2:16:40

Zero Cost "Tartuffe" cover: 2:01:20-2:03:53

Keith and Greg: 2:16:50-END

Dec 1, 2021

Introduction: 00:00-17:10

Waubgeshig Rice Interview: 17:20-1:20:10

Lang Huck cover: 1:20:05-1:23:40

Garrett Miller Interview: 1:26:23-2:27:52

Keith and Greg: 2:28:26-END