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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Jun 29, 2023

Myke C-Town is 1/5 of the Dead End Hip Hop crew and is the host of a popular youtube channel where he talks about vinyl, reviews metal and hip hop albums, and more.

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Jun 24, 2023

Introduction: 00:00-17:15

Paul Hodgert's "Fine Day": 17:15-20:25

Paul Hodgert's "War Is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, May All Your Interventions Be Humanitarian": 20:25-23:30

Paul Hodgert Interview: 23:30-1:13:20

Greg and Steve: 1:14:30-END

Art by Jon Grubb

Jun 5, 2023

Seth Gile from Arms Aloft performs Anti-Manifesto to celebrate How to Clean Everything. 

Listen to Arms Aloft: