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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

Oct 26, 2023

Mike Hansen plays in Hotel Etiquette, Gatto Black, and Pentimento from Buffalo, New York. 

Hotel Etiquette:


Gatto Black:

Oct 20, 2023

Nathan Gray is the vocalist for The Iron Roses and BoySetsFire. 

Oct 17, 2023

Douglas Robinson is vocalist for The Sleeping from Long Island, New York. In this episode, we discuss Haillie Selasse, Up Your Ass, Fedallah's Hearse, and Tertium Non Datur. 

Listen to The Sleeping:

Oct 7, 2023

00:00-7:10: Introduction

7:10-10:00: Matt Milkowski and Ollie Hobson coer

13:10-1:03:50: Ramsey Kanaan interview

1:03:50-1:05:50: Freakingsnap cover

1:05:50-1:26:30: Less Talk More Rock top 5's discussion

1:26:30-END: A Public Dis-Service Announcement from Shell conversation.